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Are you looking for a Nursery for your child?

It is an important decision, please pop in and see us, have a chat.

Appointments not necessary.

If you prefer call Cheryl, Stacey or Emma on 01248 751454 for a chat.

Staff provide an exceptionally nurturing and caring environment. They plan an excellent variety of play and learning experiences………. Staff approached their work with professionalism and had a extensive knowledge of child development.

CIW report January 11th 2019
Employment and Training Opportunities

Our staff are our most precious resource.

We do not currently have any employment opportunities.

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them

Richard L Evans

Meithrinfa Sêr Bach gives each child expectations, knowledge and exciting practical ways to nurture independent and happy learners; but more importantly they have a caring and supportive environment that is full of love, where every child can succeed.