Miri Mawr (Toddler Room)

I love to ring the bell in the morning and we all get to say hello with big smiles. I hold my fringe up to take my temperature with the zapper gun then I take off my coat and shoes and keep my bag on the peg. After washing my hands I go to play with my friends and have hugs and hellos from everyone. I love to play as soon as I get to nursery so we wait a while to have breakfast.

After breakfast we all listen to a story while Kirsty changes nappies and helps us to learn to use the potty. Sometimes we get our wellies and coats and go out to play and other times we have special fun in messy play. Then Sasha says it is time to tidy up for a sticker so we all get busy before we wash our hands and go for snack and do more temps. It is funny when Lucy takes temps. She makes me laugh.

After my drink and fruit I go with my friends to play on the soft play, I love to climb on the climbing frame and my friend Megan always likes jump in the ball pool. While I am climbing and jumping Alaw does some painting and Ezra and Esme explore the tough tray. Nel likes to make dinner for the baby in the little house. It will be my turn to paint soon, I will choose red, it is my favourite colour so Sasha always makes sure there is lots of red paint for me.

While we are tidying up, getting ready for lunch and going to the potty again we do some singing. My favourite song is ‘Un bys, dau bys’ because I am a good finger wiggler. We are very good singers, I know because Sasha tells us every day.

At lunch time I choose where I sit. I like to sit by Esme if I can because she is my friend. My favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise and I love Ceri’s cheesecake with raspberries. Lucy comes to make me laugh and take our temperature again before we collect our comforters and head off for an afternoon snooze. I don’t always go to sleep, I think Chloe knows but she sits with me and keeps me company while I have a little rest then I can go back to the playroom to play with Sasha while I wait for my friends to wake up.

Very quickly it is time for potties and nappies, temperatures and tea.

After tea and temperatures we all like to go out to play, we run and drive the bus, use the diggers and make Chloe her tea in the mud kitchen while we wait for all the Mums and dads to come and fetch us. If it is raining or very cold we can go and do magic in the sensory rooms.