Our New Normal – Covid 19

Choosing a childcare setting during such unusual circumstances is not easy. Here are some of the steps which we have taken to try and limit the risks to you, the children and our staff. We ask that all parents follow these carefully. We review our risk assessment weekly and will notify our parents of any changes via email or the hi-mama app.

Here is a quick guide, our full risk assessment is available to view in reception.

  • We clean and disinfect between four and five times each day.
  • Children and staff must wash their hands on entering and leaving the building and countless times inbetween.
  • Parents must wear a mask to enter reception and can not pass the yellow gate. If you don’t have a mask please remain in the porch we will bring your child to you.
  • We take the temperature of every person attending nursery, including staff, and will do so every two hours through the day.
  • If your child starts to show symptoms we will call you to collect your child immediately. They will not be able to attend nursery until they have had a Covid test which you can obtain by calling 119. We will need a copy of their results for our records. These will be checked by Environmental Health should we get a case.
  • Please call before collecting your child, this means we can be as quick and efficient as possible and it limits the time other parents are queueing outside (especially important in the winter) This is also really important as it also limits the time our staff have contact with you (we aren’t being rude but in a week we see hundreds of people so our exposure is quite high).
  • We can accept payments via bacs or card machine only.
  • All daily diaries and newsletters will be sent via the Hi-Mama App.
  • Please email if you require changes to sessions or to book holiday days.
  • We are not offering school collections at present to limit the contact of other children and staff.
  • If a child has attended a pre-school session in the morning they are welcome to attend the rest of the day but we ask that they change out of their uniform before entering the building.
  • We can not hold face to face meetings but we enjoy having a chance to chat with you on the phone. Covid does not have to make us anti-social.
  • Children only have access to sensory play such as sand or foam within their own individual play trays.
  • Children have their own individual playdough pots.
  • We have created bubbles of children to limit exposure should we have a case of Covid in the nursery.
  • The building is well ventilated. Unfortunately, this means that it is not as warm as it usually would be. We ask that as the weather is getting colder children attend nursery in layers of clothes with extra socks or slippers so we can keep them warm or cool as required.