Pili Pala (Baby Room)

I can walk, but I like to have hugs while I wave goodbye to Dad. My temperature is taken by Shelley or Stacey they help me take my coat off and I can go straight and explore the toys while I wait for my friends. I like to play on the slide and with the blocks.

After breakfast Di changes our nappies while Tia gets the paints out. I love mixing paints with my hands. Some of my friends go to sleep. There are lots of toys for us to play with and we are always singing but my favourite thing to do is to go out to the garden. Some of my friends have a bottle of milk and cuddles but I prefer to have cuddles while I look at books because I am a big boy and I can drink out of my beaker.

After snack we go to the sensory room. Some of my friends like to go for a snooze with Di but I love the lights and music. Then it is time for more nappies and I get to squash the playdough in my hands, it makes me giggle.

Before lunch we have a story with the story toys and then it is time for food and my snooze. I have my own blanket. I love lying in my cot listening to the music with cosy lights making shadows.

When I wake up I am ready for another adventure. I hope Shelley has made some water beads ready for me. My friend Casi likes to turn the wheels on the activity wall while Efan builds blocks and Efa peeks through the window of the little house.

It is soon tea time and once we are all full again we set off for more fun and games with scarves and music in the sensory rooms while we wait for our Mum’s and Dads.