Fresh air, fun, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise are a part of the daily routines at Meithrinfa Sêr Bach and all of which support your child’s mental health and well-being.

Children can access cosy bedrooms and sensory rooms for quiet time, reflection and a mid day snooze while other children enjoy climbing, dancing, running and developing an overall healthy attitude towards exercise.

We encourage children to make wise choices, they have a sense of ownership within the nursery and learn about independence with guidance from loving and caring staff.

We were the first nursery on Anglesey to hold the Tiny Tums Award for Healthy Meals and snacks.

Our menu varies each week and all menus are homemade. When you enrol your child at Sêr Bach you will get access to our parent communication app which has details of the menus for all weeks. Please ask us about any special dietary requirements you may have.