Child Development

Child development underpins everything that we do at Sêr Bach. Our staff are experts at creating opportunities for little ones to explore and play which will help them to achieve their developmental milestones.

How a child develops socially, physically and learns to communicate is a recipe for helping them to become confident and happy members of their community. We do this by providing a wide and varied range of sensory activities, group activities individual time and plan activities according to their interests.

We use Makaton Baby Sign to develop communication skills in all of our children. Learning early communication skills reduces the frustrations young children feel when they can’t ask for what they want and also does the very important job of bridging different languages making Sêr Bach a fully inclusive setting where every child should succeed.

Our playrooms are individually designed. Each gives the children and babies we care for the perfect environment for their age. An area for learning and playing, making friends and magical memories.

Our curriculum follows the principles of the new Curriculum, The Four Purposes and Beyond’ and is designed around the lives of the children who spend their days with us what we do is relevant to their interests and understanding. The children cook, go for walks, grow fruits and vegetables, learn about our community and culture and celebrate each others unique personalities, interests and beliefs.