Enfys (Children aged 3 and over)

I love to look for my peg to hang my coat in nursery, it is right next to my friend Hari. Once I have washed my hands and taken my temperature I go to play before breakfast. Bethan and Olwen set up lots of activities. I love playing with the shiny cups in the little house. I will be asking Santa for some so I can have them at home. Lauren helps me to dress up and I have fun pretending it is my café while I give my friends a cup of tea.

“I like playing dinosaurs” Louie, aged 3.

We wash our hands and have breakfast then we get together for circle time. I am learning all about my feelings. My friends don’t always have the same feelings as me, I am happy but Gethin is excited and sometimes Beca is shy. When we go to play before snack we choose our activities, I hope today I can choose water. That is my favourite but I am really good at counting and making number shapes with stones and shells.

After snack we get our wellies and boots and go out to play. I like to play sharks on the hill and run through the tunnel. Our favourite running game is What’s the time Mr Wolf?

When we come in we need to put our wellies away and brush all the mud off the floor.

When I am helper of the day I like to put the chairs around the tables for dinner but other times I listen to Olwen tell stories, Messy Monsters is my favourite. I listen to it with Harri and Lois. I am really good at pouring my own drinks without spilling anything.

After lunch some children go for a sleep while some of us have quiet time. I like the fidget toys that I play with by the table, so does Olwen and then I can do some painting or colouring. Rocco loves writing with his fingers in the sand trays. Tidy up time comes really fast and before tea we do some busy feet dancing with Carla.

“I like playing with toys and dancing” Ava aged 4.

After tea we choose what we would like to do. I like to do Rala Rwdins pictures and play bingo with Emma. Soon it is time for us to go and play with some quiet time toys while we wind down and wait for our Mums and Dads and the playrooms are cleaned ready for another day.

“I like playing with toys and Busy Feet dancing” Harri aged 4.