Baby sign

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Baby Sign

 At Sêr Bach we are proud to be a baby sign nursery. Our staff are fully trained in baby sign and know the importance of developing good communication skills early on. There are many benefits to using baby sign with babies and toddlers, and it is also a lot of fun. As your baby learns new signs we will also help you to learn them too.

Baby sign will:

  • Reduce toddler tantrums and tears.
  • Increase social awareness.
  • Help your baby form bonds.
  • Help to develop happy, confident babies.
  • Allows your baby to share their world with you.
  • Develops early literacy and numeracy skills
  • Makes learning to talk easier.

Makaton is the signing system that we practice it  uses the same signs that are used by Mr Tumble and Dwylo’r Enfys. Cheryl has been a Regional Tutor for the Makaton Charity for 10 years and has 17 years experience in developing communication skills with young children. We regularly run Makaton courses for proffesionals and parents. These are proving very popular. If you are interested in knowing more please take a look at our Face book Page ‘Signing Ser Bach’logo signing

We use lots of different ways of encouraging your child to sign and communicate from an early age including signing stories, games, signing puppets and of course our popular singing and signing sessions daily. Each Tuesday morning we are happy to open our doors between 10.00 and 10.30 to our families so they can join in too. some and join us. Please contact Cheryl or Debbie on 01248 751454 to confirm availability of places in the session.

Research shows that the speech of pre-school children who have used baby sign is significantly advanced compared to other children.

Some tips…

The best time to start signing with your baby is when they can sit up.

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t imitate signs immediately, it can sometimes take a couple of months or more.

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