Baby sign

Developing Children’s Communication Skills

Communication is a corner stone of the Foundations of learning. Children who are confident communicators experience less frustration which reduces tantrums and assists in developing emotional maturity.

All the children at Meithrinfa Sêr Bach will benefit from our experience of developing communication skills with children from a wide range of abilities.

All the staff at Meithrinfa Sêr Bach are trained in Makaton by Cheryl who is a Regional Tutor for the Makaton charity. From an early age the children will learn some signs that will help them to ask for what they want, for example drink, ball, banana.

All children have a voice and will be listened to, their views and ideas respected and in turn they too will be encouraged to listen to others, react respectfully and will become confident and sociable.

Children successfully express themselves and confidently make decisions

CIW Inspection Report Jan 2019

Some Useful Information
  • Signs are always used in conjunction with speech.
  • The areas of the brain used to control the movements made during sign are linked to the area of the brain that develops speech and so signing will encourage speech quicker. This in turn helps to reduce frustrations and toddler tantrums.
  • Signing develops very early math skills such as an awareness of number and shape, ie the need to tap your hand twice for Mum, the circular shape made to represent ball.
  • Signing assists with cognitive development as children use both hands to make their signs (developing bilateral skills)

Take a look at some of the fun we have with signs.