Our aims

At Meithrinfa Sêr Bach our children will be given expectations, knowledge and exciting practical ways to become independent, happy learners but most importantly they will be given a caring, supportive environment that is full of love where every child can succeed.

Meithrinfa Sêr Bach is owned by Cheryl Thomas a qualified teacher of 18 years and former assistant head of a special school.  We are open from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm.

Meithrinfa Sêr Bach have staff who are fluent in both Welsh and English. We will speak to your child in their first language and over time we will gently encourage them speak a second language if it is the desire of the parent.

Our aims are:

  • To ensure that every child enjoys their time in Nursery, that they have fun, are confident and sociable
  • To care for each child and value their individuality
  • To support the values of parents in raising their children to be happy and sociable
  • To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each child can develop their potential whilst becoming independent, active learners
  • To encourage positive attitudes towards racial origin, difference in gender and disability
  • To encourage the health and well-being of pupils in the nursery by providing healthy meals and snacks and developing healthy attitudes towards diet and exercise.
  • To provide clear boundaries in behaviour by consistently reinforcing good behaviour with praise and rewards.
  • To provide affordable, accessible child care of the highest quality for every family.
  • To support parents in giving their child the best possible start in life.

How we do this.

See, Hear, Feel, Enjoy, Learn.

As well as opportunities for free play and natural self-directed play all the staff across the three rooms will work together under the guidance of their Room Leader and Registered person to plan and organise a range of activities suitable for the developmental stage of the children in their care, taking into account the preferences, needs and learning styles of the individuals within their group and ensuring opportunities to develop a variety of essential skills. The ‘learning journey’ of each child will be recorded carefully and activities planned to build on their skills and interests. There will be records of their learning journeys kept for the children to enjoy as well as files with more formal information.

All of our staff will be trained in understanding types of behaviour, the function of behaviour and how to respond to different aspects of children’s behaviour. They will be able to implement a variety of techniques to reinforce appropriate behaviour and shape a child’s behaviour encouraging them to make sensible choices, understand right from wrong and equip the children with the skills needed to resolve disagreements in a sensitive and respectful manner which is appropriate for their age. All children have a right to come to nursery feeling safe and secure. Any instances of bullying will be tackled immediately and reported to the Responsible Person or the deputy. Cheryl Thomas is the person responsible for behaviour management within the nursery. For more information please see our behaviour policy.

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    Member of National Day Nurseries Association
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