Our Aims

Our aims for every family and child that accesses our services are
  • To make sure that children enjoy magical days, make wonderful memories and special friends.
  • To care for each child respect and value their individuality, and to encourage them to care for each other.
  • To support the values of parents in raising their children to be happy and sociable, giving their child the best possible start in life.
  • To provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each child can develop their potential whilst becoming independent, active learners
  • To encourage positive attitudes towards racial origin, difference in gender and disability
  • To encourage the health and well-being of pupils in the nursery by providing healthy meals and snacks and developing healthy attitudes towards diet and exercise.
  • To provide clear boundaries in behaviour and to gently support the children to play within these boundaries by consistently reinforcing good behaviour with praise and rewards.
  • To provide affordable, accessible child care of the highest quality for every family.
  • To provide love, friendliness care and support to everyone who is connected to Sêr Bach.
How we do this

See, Hear, Feel, Enjoy, Learn.

  • Everyone at Sêr Bach has opportunities through the day for free play and exploring, using their imaginations and simply enjoying each other’s company. All children choose what they would like to do, no one has to take part in anything but through gentle encouragement and building lots of trusting relationships the children will, without even realising it be learning, sharing and developing lots of social, creative and life skills. All our staff, under the guidance of the room supervisors and managers are very good at planning and creating activities that answer to the preferences of the children to ensure that they enjoy what they are doing.
  • Throughout the day we have routines that provide the structure that young children enjoy. The care of every child’s personal needs is the most important thing that we do. Settled and content children will become confident, happy and engaged players.
  • Each child’s progress is recorded in their Dwylo Prysur books and for children who attend more than two days each week a learning journal will be kept.

Children’s Behaviour

  • Through their behaviour young children are usually communicating a need or they have learnt a pattern. At Meithrinfa Ser Bach we spend a lot of time encouraging positive behaviours and encouraging children to be kind and thoughtful friends. Occasionally we need to do more and when the need arises we will analyse carefully what need the behaviour is answering for an individual child, we formulate a plan to help overcome this and will speak to parents about how they feel and work together as a partnership. Sometimes we need to as for help or support from other professionals such as speech therapists or health visitors, but we will always speak to a parent about this first. Please see our behaviour policy for more information.

Additional Needs

  • Everyone is different and at Sêr Bach we welcome all children, we embrace and are accepting of each other’s differences. Our aim is to have a nursery where all people, children, staff and visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. We encourage everyone to use Makaton, use symbols and objects of reference to help with communication and chidren’s understanding. We use our sensory rooms to encourage engagement and help with relaxation. Our soft play areas help to develop physical skills and we actively encourage everyone to pop outside to get some fresh air through the day.
  • If we believe extra support is required then we will look, think, plan and chat with parents to ensure that everyone is comfortable and ready to work together to achieve the best outcomes for each child. With more than seventeen years experience working with children and young people with additional needs Cheryl is always happy and ready to lend support, training and a listening ear. For more information please see our Additional needs policy.