Language skills, how we help your children and communicate with you.

Meithrinfa Sêr Bach employs staff who speak both Welsh and English as well as use Baby Sign. We will communicate with each child in their home language to ensure that they are comfortable and happy in their surroundings, over time we will gently encourage them to speak a second language if it is the desire of the parent.

Developing children’s communication skills

Communication is a corner stone of the Foundations of learning. Children who are confident communicators experience less frustration which reduces tantrums and assists in developing emotional maturity.

All the pupils at Meithrinfa Sêr Bach will benefit from our experience of developing communication skills with children from a wide range of abilities.

All the staff at Meithrinfa Sêr Bach are trained in Makaton by Cheryl who is a Regional Tutor for the Makaton charity.  From an early age the children will learn some signs that will help them to ask for what they want, for example drink, ball, banana.

All children have a voice and will be listened to, their views and ideas respected and in turn they too will be encouraged to listen to others, react respectfully and will become confident and sociable.

‘Children successfully express themselves and confidently make decisions.’

CIW Inspection Report Jan 2019

Some useful information

Signs are always used in conjunction with speech.

The areas of the brain used to control the movements made during sign are linked to the area of the brain that develops speech and so signing will encourage speech quicker. This in turn helps to reduce frustrations and toddler tantrums.

Signing develops very early math skills such as an awareness of number and shape, ie the need to tap your hand twice for Mum, the circular shape made to represent ball.

Signing assists with cognitive development as children use both hands to make their signs (developing bilateral skills)

Signing assists with coordination and spatial awareness.

Communicating with our parents

Please feel free to come in and talk to us at any time. As well as our open door policy, our parents are welcome to join us in our activities with the children at any time; we also have some formal systems in place.

  • Upon coming to visit Meithrinfa Sêr Bach parents will receive an information booklet about our service, including policies and the statement of purpose.
  • Upon registering your child with us each party, both the registered person and the parent will sign a contract. This contract will be reviewed annually at a predefined time.
  • Every person collecting a child from Meithrinfa Sêr Bach will receive verbal feedback from their Key Worker or Room Supervisor; if this is not possible another member of staff will have been briefed during a handover period and will be able to talk to the parent.
  • Each child will have an interactive diary. It will be filled in at the end of each session by your child’s Key Worker or Buddy Worker and will include information on the activities that your child has done through the day, information about what your child’s eaten, sleep and toileting for our younger children. There will also be a section you can fill in so we have information that may affect your child throughout the day such as a bad night’s sleep, what time they got up and anything that we can talk to them about from the night before. Filling in these diaries give you a lovely record of your child’s days while you are at work and also helps older children to learn to answer questions when you talk to them about their day and they can talk to their friends about what they have done with you. This develops fantastic social skills.
  • You will be invited into nursery to see some of the activities your child has done and discuss your child’s development at set times through the year.
  • If any specialist help is required to support a child in our care we share our concerns with the parents and with their consent will work with the relevant agencies to support the child and their family. For further details please see our Special Needs Policy.
  • Each month you will receive a newsletter highlighting important events and activities and providing important up and coming dates.
  • We have a formal complaints procedure, please see the Complaints Policy. We welcome your comments and suggestions; please talk to us if you have any concerns. We will do our best to address them. If you are unhappy with our response to any complaint you may contact the CSSIW. (CSSIW is the registering authority for nurseries in Wales and investigates all complaints that suggest a provider may not be meeting the requirements of their registration.) It risk assesses all complaints made and may visit the nursery to carry out a full inspection where it believes requirements are not met.

CSSIW contact details: CSSIW North Wales Region,
Government Buildings,
Sarn Mynach,
Llandudno Junction
LL31 9RZ

Telephone: 0300 7900 126 (central line)

  • CSSIW will inspect our nursery regularly. You will be informed if we become aware of an inspection and will receive a written copy of the inspector’s report following the inspection.
  • Occasionally we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This will help us to plan and prioritise improvements to our provision.

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