Our First Inspection

A HUGE thank you to my amazing staff for all their hard work. We are very pleased with our report and the positive comments that the inspector made about Sêr Bach. Here are a few of the comments made and we will send a copy to each of our parents once the official version comes out after the 5th of May.

“Children receive effective support from a service which can fully meet their needs. Children and their parents can be confident that staff plan for appropriate activities as well as looking at ways in which they can improve their care of the children.”

“Children have control over how their time is spent and they enjoy participating in the activities made available to them as well as being able to spend time outdoors. Children’s emotional needs are catered for and children are able to develop relationships with their peers.”

“Children are listened to and treated with dignity and respect.”

Parents can be confident that a variety of activities are planned which suit the children’s ages and stages of development.”

“We observed staff members encouraging children to explore and investigate as well as knowing when to step back and allow the children to play on their own We saw that there were plenty for the children to do which kept them busy and stimulated.”

“Good health and hygiene is promoted.”

“Children develop positive relationships with one another. We observed children who were at ease in their surroundings as well as hearing lots of chatter and discussion between both staff and children. We observed children who were learning positive skills that enhance their social well-being.”