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At Sêr Bach we know that babies and children learn best when they have a variety of stimulating spaces. In order to give your little one the very best start in life we spent a lot of time designing a number of additional play areas as well as out three main play rooms. We are proud to be able to offer your baby/child the space they need to learn alongside their friends without feeling crowded.  All of our playrooms are designed with the areas of learning of the Foundation Phase in mind and just as important, we believe, they will be able to spend their days in a comfortable, relaxed, homely atmosphere.

We have two main play rooms and a suite of additional playrooms to provide space and ensure variety and adventure within your child’s day.

A quiet spot to enjoy books in our baby room.           Small world play in our toddler room            IMG_2078                                                   

Stacey is our Deputy Manager and Senior Co-ordinator for the Under 3’s. Under her careful guidance the staff and children flourish and evidence of her imaginative, creative approach is evident across both playrooms.        

Run by Emma LJ  Ystafell Pili Pala  accommodates our babies aged approx 3months – 2 years. This is a homely and relaxing room designed specifically for our youngest babies with furniture that they are familiar with from home and also a soft play and physical area, sensory area and magical corners of discovery. Our babies thrive in this room and benefit from the imaginative and creative curriculum created by Stacey and Emma.

Run by Claire Ystafell Miri Mawr accommodates our toddlers aged approx 2 years. This is a room designed to answer the needs of curious and adventurous children. It has both busier and quieter areas and direct access to another soft play area, complete with indoor climbing frame and ball pool. Carefully planned to provide lots of social play opportunities our toddlers benefit from having access to a range of rooms that will delight and inspire them along with a holistic curriculum created and designed by Stacey and Claire to stimulate and engage  busy toddlers and teach them their all important social and personal skills.

At Sêr Bach we believe that no child should remain in one room all day long and so we ensure that everyone has opportunities to access a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the day. The children will spend time in our messy play, outdoor learning areas and sensory rooms, dining room and if needed relaxing in the sleep room allowing them to move from room to room ensuring space, variety and lots of opportunities to mix together and learn from each other.

One of the main concerns of all parents is how their child will settle in ‘big’ school’.

Emma T is also a Deputy Manager and Foundation Phase, Holiday Club and After school co-ordinator. Emma brings a wealth of experiences to the playroom and arranges activities which answer the academic, social and personal development needs of the children at a relaxed and comfortable pace.

Run by Emma T Ystafell Yr Enfys, our pre-school room, we have carefully designed our facilities to ensure that all Sêr Bach children will leave with the skills they need to start school confidently. Our pre-school play room has direct access to our outdoor learning and play area. During the warmer months our outdoor area is used as an extension on our playroom the children are encouraged to move between the indoors and outdoors freely sampling the variety of activities on offer. This isn’t to say that we don’t get out and messy during the winter months too but these sessions are quite different in nature.

Upon visiting Sêr Bach it is easy to see that Ystafell Yr Enfys has been designed to develop your child’s academic skills as well as their social and personal skills while maintaining Sêr Bach’s homely atmosphere.

This playroom has it’s own private bathroom to allows for independent toilet visits with help being close at hand.


Please feel free to come and view our playrooms and meet out teams.

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