Daily routine

Routine is especially important to children. Each room will have its own routine set out for you with details of activities appropriate to the age and developmental stage of your child.

Across the day we will all follow a similar routine in order that we can join together for social activities giving siblings quality time together and our younger children valuable.

7.30 am Welcome.
8.15 am Breakfast time
8.45 am Free play and learning activities
10 am Snack
10.20 am Outdoor play
10.45 am Free Play and learning activities
12 pm lunch time (all together)
12.45 pm quiet time
1.30 pm Free play and Learning activities
2.30 pm Outdoor play
3.00 pm Afternoon tea (all together)
3.30 pm Free play and Learning activities
5.00 pm Singing and musical activities (all together)
5.15 pm Free play

For our youngest children there is a great deal of flexibility within our timetable. They will be fed, sleep and be changed as it is required at a time agreed with our parents and details of this will be logged in each child’s Interactive Diary.

Our older children will have freedom to play both indoors and outdoors as they wish encouraging independence and decision making skills. A variety of activities will be provided both indoors and outdoors to ensure stimulation and ensure each child is learning new skills appropriate to their stage of development. Everybody will be encouraged to get fresh air during set outdoor play times.


As children move between rooms in the nursery they will be signed in and out by the member of staff accompanying them ensuring that there is a constant record of their whereabouts within the building.

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