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Soft Play

Our soft play is more than just a place for your toddler to let off steam. We have designed the room carefully to ensure that children of all ages will be able to develop their skills while having a whale of a time.

What else…?

Our soft play will provide your child with opportunities to develop:

  • Social skills such as turn taking.
  • An understanding of how to be responsible and follow our safety rules.
  • An awareness of their body’s movements. Through our ball pool we will develop their sense of propreoception – it’s the feeling in your bones, a feedback sense that helps us to refine our movements.
  • Vestibular balance, this doesn’t just help us to walk in a straight line but trains our brains to balance other sensory input allowing us to ignore background noise or the patterns the light makes as it comes through the window. This is very important to be able to stay focused on work in a busy classroom.
  • Co-ordination skills.
  • Eye-tracking skills that help us to read along a line
  • Understand new concepts and develop new skills without even realising they are doing so.

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    Member of National Day Nurseries Association
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